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event: summer lovin' - carnival

Who: Kids and pets!
When: Friday, September 2nd, 6:00 pm - 1:00 am Saturday
Where: The Carnival fairgrounds
What: While the older kids and adults get in some last summer smooching, kids and pets get to spend a delightful evening at the travelling carnival! It's here for one night only.
Warnings: Good times! So many good times! But there's always a chance someone might scrape themselves on a ride or two, so how about blood.

What a beautiful evening it is! It's just about perfect weather for time spent outside- not too warm, not too cold. The sun's still in the sky, but it's starting to go down. The view from the ferris wheel will be phenomenal!

That's right. For one night only, a carnival is in town. Strangely enough, only kids and pets got the phone call.

The fairgrounds aren't very big; the carnival itself is divided into four sections: the big top, the midway, the rides, and the concession.

Colorful banners are strung up everywhere, criss-crossing the orange-streaked sky. But there's something a little... unsettling about this place. It's just a little too perfect, just a little too arranged. Popcorn sits already popped in the stands, but there's no one around to have made it. Rides swing, suspended in mid-movement, their seatbelts tightly affixed, but the rides themselves aren't moving and there aren't any passengers to be seen. The Midway hums with cheerful music and flashing lights, but there's nobody around running the games.

In fact, there's no one else here but you and your fellow kids and pets.

Still- the lights are on and the rides are ready to go. The corndogs are fresh and there are prizes to be had.

Might as well enjoy yourselves!

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