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event: summer lovin'

Who: All kids and pets!
When: Summer Lovin' event; happening at the same time as the adults and teenagers' dealies.
Where: The Camp
What: Kids and pets find themselves enjoying a romp around the campgrounds. Try to squeeze out every last drop of summer fun!
Warnings: It is entirely possible that some poor kid may scrape a knee, so let's say blood, just to be on the safe side.

Ah, youth! Also, nonhumanity. Your parents, older siblings, and/or owners may be off enjoying the fruits of summer romance with their respective partners, but you tots are far too young/hairy to be getting into that sort of thing.

"Fortunately" for you, Mayfield takes equality very seriously.

Thus: summer camp! Kids and pets find themselves trapped in the The Camp, consisting of several buildings and an outdoor campground. The outdoor area is a forested campground fit for any child to run, play, swim, tie nerdy children to trees or otherwise enjoy the fruits of summer to their heart's content. And that's a good thing, because attempting to leave will simply cause them to warp back around to the other side of the camp.

Not that you'd want to leave, of course.

The campground is surprisingly extensive: there is a small lake in the center, with docks and canoes in the shallow ends ripe for swimming. The Mess Hall and Craft Area are near the north of the camp; the former is filled with tables lined with delicious food, while the latter has art supplies (primarily macaroni) laid out for children to use.

All children and pets awaken in the cabins: everyone has a bunk, except for pets, who are expected to sleep on the floor. Various personal effects that you can't quite remember seeing before are stored at the foot of your bed, including swimsuits in case you feel like taking a dip in the lake. Emerging from your cabins, kids and pets are met by the camp counselors!

The drone teenagers running the camp are a cheerful, enthusiastic trio of teenagers who immediately introduce themselves, inform you that you're going to have a wonderful time, and point out the fact that they certainly aren't disappointed that nobody asked them to the drive-in theater today at all. They crack a few extremely lame jokes, pat a few children on the head, and generally seem very excited to be here!

As they settle in to teach you all about how to tie a proper bowline knot, a mysterious man wearing a hockey mask and a milkman's uniform emerges from the nearest cabin and decapititates all three of them with a machete. Most of you are fairly certain you have a good handle on the man's identity, although the hockey mask is a relatively recent development.

He then walks straight into the lake, disappearing entirely beneath its murky waters. The counselors' severed heads lie motionless in a pool of their own blood; their empty eyes stare vacantly up at the cloudless sky. There are no other drones in the area. As far as you can tell, you are unable to leave, and save for your fellow captives, you are alone.

Have fun, everybody!

[NOTE: This post is for logging purposes. Please take any questions, comments, or concerns over to the post in the main comm. We've posted several subthreads for each part of the campground; you guys are free to reply to them and start threads from there.]
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