Mayfield Mods (mayfield_mods) wrote in mayfield_logs,
Mayfield Mods

a little get-together

Who: Open to all!
What: The Smiths have invited the residents of Mayfield to a party, so come on down!
Where: 501 Ricardo Street
When: 6pmish, September 28th.
Warnings: See below.

It's party time in Mayfield! The Smith household is filled with drones, chatting amicably between bites of Jane Smith's delicious cooking. Of course, this is a good old-fashioned American cookout, so you're expected to bring your own chips. Remember: no double-dipping!

Peppered here and there throughout the crowd are your fellow non-drones, although you appear to be vastly outnumbered by the smiling men and women all dressed in their Sunday best. The Smith household is open to all and free to explore. Lucy Smith is happily drawing in her room, apparently oblivious to the festivities.

The rest of her family, however, is playing host to the party. Jane can be found all over the place, fluttering from guest to guest to make sure everyone is having a nice time. Young Billy is having a ball running around with his friends, so don't be surprised if he spills any punch on your shoes! As for Jack, he's content to let Jane manage the guests, happily kicked back with a beer in hand and chatting with some drone friends.

All in all, this party couldn't be a better example of a perfect neighborhood party.

WARNING: The mods may god-mode participating characters. Those who participate are at risk of injury or death at any time. You have been warned.
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