Mayfield Mods (mayfield_mods) wrote in mayfield_logs,
Mayfield Mods

Daycare Log

Who: Jane Smith, Children and Pets of Mayfield
What: Group log for the event
Where: Mayfield Daycare
When: Early morning(?) The clocks appear to be stopped.
Warnings: Shouldn't get any higher than PG-13, though considering some of these kids...

Jane bustled to and fro, busily taking care of those all-important last minute arrangements before the children and their pets arrived. Today was a very special day! Her husband had asked her to do something very important, and all she wanted was to make him happy. The children and pets would be cared for to the best of her ability while their parents and older siblings were... well, busy.

They certainly couldn't be left alone!

The housewife dusted the toys off one last time, carefully stepping around the children waking up even now. Oh, they would have just so much fun together!
Tags: !npc: jane smith, ai enma, edogawa conan, flandre scarlet, furude rika, ion, karol capel, ken amada, mammon, mew, mogget, palom, porom, raz, relm arrowny, remilia scarlet, sealand, shiraasan, son gohan, son goku
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