Kay Faraday (thief_of_truth) wrote in mayfield_logs,
Kay Faraday

Turnabout Adulthood

Who: Kay Faraday and Keiichi Maebara.  Possibly also Winry Rockbell if strange yelling ensues and she wants to investigate.
What: An awkward bedroom scene.
Where: 505 Ricardo Street.
When: The morning of Thursday, January 13th.
Warnings: Keiichi in bed with a cute girl.

[It's another beautiful morning in Mayfield, and Kay Faraday is sleeping peacefully in what she currently has no reason to believe is not her bed.  Unfortunately, Mayfield is fickle and strange sometimes, and since she's been here long enough to have her 18th birthday, the town has apparently decided it's time for her to get on with that whole adulthood thing.  So there she is in the bed at 505 Ricardo Street, sleep-cuddling with who she believes in her dream to be her boyfriend Yamamoto, sprawled out messily with an arm and a leg draped over him while she mumbles stuff in her sleep.]

"Ehe... Takeshi~ "

[This is going to be pretty awkward once one of them wakes up.]
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